2011 Flip Fest Invitational

This past weekend I spent three full days inside the Knoxville Convention Center making pictures of the 2011 Flip Fest Invitational for ActionPitstop Photography. Once again, the competition brought over 2,700 athletes from about 15 states in men’s and women’s gymnastics, plus trampoline and tumbling. My job was to photograph the girls’ floor routines for the whole event. I saw everything from little kids that could hardly do a handstand to teenagers that were flipping and flying all over the place. While I enjoyed the watching the performances and visiting with the other photographers, I am glad it is over. Before leaving the event, I grabbed a few pictures to share. So here are 3 of the approximately 25,000 photos that I took this weekend. Yup, you heard me right! Oh, in honor of all the girls that I covered on the pink floor, I have added a pink tone the pictures.

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