Big Boy Daniel McCullers

Earlier this week I had an assignment from USA Today’s sports department to follow Daniel McCullers, a nose tackle for the University of Tennessee, through part of his day. For those that don’t know about Daniel, he is a BIG ‘OL BOY. Even after losing about 40 pound, he still stands in at 6’8″ and 360 pounds. Even though he was a very nice guy, I would not want to be lining up across from him.

I noticed his story ran on Thursday. So in the spirit of Tennessee football and our big game today, I thought I would share it and a few photos with you. To read more about Daniel, here is a link to his article.

daniel mccullers tennessee

For a little size comparison, check out the writer interviewing him after practice.

Daniel McCullers

In between his classes, we had literally had less that five minutes to make a couple of portraits. Since his classes are on top of the Hill, what better backdrop than Ayers Hall.

commercial photographers knoxville tn

Good luck 98! GO VOLS!

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