Happy Halloween

Things have been extremely busy for me lately, and I missed my Throwback Thursday post. So in honor of Halloween, I will go ahead and do a Friday Flashback blog post. It has been said that the best camera you have, is the one on you. Luckily, I had my camera and lights on me the other night.

pinterest clown costumeHere is the background on these two pictures. A couple of weeks ago, I went to get pizza at Papa Johns on Cedar Bluff. While waiting inside I noticed this pink hair girl walking the street. I have to admit, while uncommon for the area, at first I thought she was a crazy street walker. Even though I didn’t know who it was, I did know she looked interesting, and I wanted to take her picture. I also knew that I had my camera gear in the car from an earlier shoot. So I went out and asked permission to take her picture. Come to find out there were two clowns, and they were promoting a local haunted house. Luckily they were more than willing to be photographed. I broke out my equipment and within five minutes I had my couple of portraits. At that point,┬ámy pizzas were ready, and I hit the road.

halloween clown costume

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