Inspirational Photo from St Jude Marathon

This past weekend I ran in the St Jude Half Marathon in Memphis. There is a reason this race fills up within a month of opening, it is very inspirational. From running through Children’s Hospital with a kids outside cheering you on, to family members holding signs in memory of their love ones. There are plenty of reason to forget about your pain and be thankful of the things you are able to do.

Still the most inspiring moment came while waiting for my cousin to finish the full marathon. Luckily I had my camera read and made this photo as the crowd stood up and cheered. It was an incredible moment to see. I had a hard enough time running the 13.1 miles. I can’t imaging guiding someone, much less being guided, through a race of 26.2 miles. They have my respect! I hope it inspires you as much as me!

inspirational photos

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