Easy Super Bowl Recipes

Ok Super Bowl weekend is here and I thought I’d do a special blog post just for it. Did you know that on top of being the most-watched U.S. television broadcast of the year, the Super Bowl is the second-largest U.S. Food Consumption event behind Thanksgiving. So here is a really easy recipe that you can add to your Super Bowl spread. If your meal preparation has already started, you can save it for later.

Super Bowl recipes

Ingredients for my Italian Sausage Sandwich Recipe

1 – pound of roll sausage (breakfast type sausage)
1 – green bell pepper
1 – red bell pepper
1 – onion
Italian dressing
Parmesan cheese
Loaf of garlic french bread
Aluminum foil

Chop up pepper and onions

Brown the sausage with the peppers and onions

Place bottom half of bread on aluminum foil on a baking sheet and cover with browned sausage and peppers. Pour italian dressing over meat and cover with parmesan cheese.

Place top half of bread on sandwich and wrap completely in aluminum foil.

Bake according to bread instructions.


Feel free to print this out, added it to you cookbook, or share this with your friends and family.

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