Sarah & Michael’s Wedding | Little Rock, AR | One Year Anniversary

Caterer – Catering to You
Florist – Nila Cassandra and Donna Colbert
Cake – Deborah Brown
InvitationsThe Perfect Gift Shop
Bridal GownLow’s Bridal Shop
Bridesmaids dressesLow’s Bridal Shop
Ceremony LocationChrist the King Catholic Church
Reception LocationAnnunciation Greek Orthodox Church
TransportationArkansas Trolley Company
VideographerPelikan Films (Engagement Video)
Reception MusicCentral Arkansas Entertainment
FormalwearMen’s Warehouse
Minister – Monsignor Francis Malone

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How did you and your husband meet?
Michael and I met through school and church.  I went to Mount St. Mary, an all-girls school, and Michael went to Catholic High, an all-boys school.  We had a mutual friends and then began to hang out at our Church’s youth events and through our schools’ track team.  The rest is history!

How did he propose?
       It began as soon as I arrived home from school on Friday afternoon, November 2, 2012.  I was greeted by our friend, Daniel-with camera in hand, as soon as I walked up the steps to my apartment.  He handed me my first clue.  Well aware of what was about to happen, I convinced Daniel to give me five minutes to change out of the t-shirt and jeans I wore to school.  

       The first clue led me to recreate our first date.  I quickly drove to Wendy’s (yes-Wendy’s was our first date) to get frosties for me and Daniel as directed by Michael’s instructions.  Next, I drove to the movie theatre where I found my friend, Taylor, waiting for me.  We drove to the side of the movie theatre where we sat on the sidewalk with Michael’s computer and watched the last scene of the movie  that we watched on our first date (What Happens in Vegas).  At the conclusion of the scene, she gave me my next clue.  

       This one led me to a place where we had a picnic.  Here is where I found my best friend, Sarah Beth, who made a surprise trip in from Dallas, waiting on me in the gazebo.   At first, I couldn’t tell who it was, but when I realized, I took off in a run/gallop/skip mix.  I was so excited, I forgot how to run. This is the girl that I grew up with, and here she is (newly married) helping Michael with my proposal-tears were unavoidable.  After a few hugs and tears of excitement she gave me my next clue.  This one led me to “the cornerstone of our relationship” (as quoted by Michael’s clue)…our Church.  

Upon arriving at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, I found Chris, Michael’s brother, waiting outside for me.  He read me Bible verses that reminded me of the patience required with Michael (he said it-not me).  After that, he reminded me of the bravery required to marry Michael…therefore he thought it would be necessary to test the bravery.   At this point, he turned around, bent over so that his jeans were taut, and made me finagle the clue out of his back pocket. Typical.  This clue took me to play gator golf.  

When I pulled up to the mini-golf course, I found my friend Kevin waiting for me in the parking lot…mustache and all.  Previously, on a date with Michael, (in addition to beating him) I got two holes in one, giving us two free games.  Kevin and I cashed those in for a hilarious round of mini-golf.   We played H.O.R.S.E. -Golf Style…without keeping score.   At the end of the game, Kevin handed me my next clue. This one told me to go to my apartment to have what we call “Family Dinner.”

      On the way to my apartment, Daniel received a phone call.  After hanging up the phone, he said, “You are going to want to take a left here.”  Normally, I am directionally challenged, however I do (typically) know how to get home.  So I responded, “But my apartment is the other way.”  He asked, “Do you trust me?”  After a small debate in my head, I decided he probably knew more than I did at this point, and I took a left.  This took me to campus where I was quickly blindfolded. Taylor walked me across campus to Old Main (my dream proposal spot).  Upon arrival, Taylor took off the blindfold where I laid eyes on my future fiancé.  But before I could get to him, I got to walk through a path of just some of the people that are special to me, including Taylor, Daniel (still filming), Chris, Sarah Beth, Mary Nell, and Dan. Meanwhile, Kevin is serenading me with the proposal song from Scrubs, called, “Question” by Old 97’s.

      My first words to Michael were “Wow! I am impressed!”  After a short conversation about the evening’s happenings, he finally dropped down to one knee and said, “Sarah Mattingly, will you marry me?”  I hesitated and put my finger to my mouth, as to actually have to think about my answer (yeah right!).   After enough torture, I happily said yes!            

     Afterwards, we actually went to my apartment this time for Family Dinner.  They had prepared the same meal that Michael made for me on Valentine’s Day 2011- Chicken Parmesan with Caesar Salad. I couldn’t have asked for a better night. I am so thankful for Michael and all of my friends who had a part in helping him prepare for this joyous day that we will remember forever!  

What is your favorite wedding movie?
Our favorite wedding movie is “What Happens in Vegas.”  This movie also happens to be the movie that we saw on our first date!

What traditions did you follow? 
One of the traditions that I followed was that Michael and I did not see each other before the wedding.  We felt that this traditional aspect made the day a little more fun and exciting. 

 What was the most anticipated moment of your wedding day?
My most anticipated moment was the moment when the doors swung open.  It was like time was frozen while I was waiting for the doors to open.  Once they did open, I kept my eyes on the handsome fellow waiting for me at the end of the isle and felt so incredibly calm. 

What were you thinking as you walked down the aisle?
“Oh. My. Gosh. This is really happening! I can’t believe my wedding day is finally here!”

Tell everyone about “the” dress. Who was with you when you found it?
I went to Low’s Bridal shop in Brinkley, Arkansas for my first stop with my mom, future mother-in-law, and two of my bridesmaids.  I tried on about 15 dresses and fell in love with one of them.  However, I wanted to be sure that it was definitely “the” dress. So, I shopped around for about two more weeks trying on dress after dress, constantly assuring myself that the dress at Low’s was the one! I went back shortly after that and bought it! 

Did you have input on your engagement ring or was it a total surprise?
You could definitely say that I had input on the engagement ring, because I dropped hints the size of bombs. 

How did you choose the rings?
I have always known that I wanted a solitaire diamond with a white gold band.

What was your something blue?
For my something blue, I had a blue rosary wrapped around my bouquet.

What flavor was your cake?
My cake was the classic white wedding cake! It was beautifully designed and decorated.

Did you have a groom’s cake?
Our grooms cake was a replica of Old Main.  It symbolized our love for the University of Arkansas and the place where Michael proposed to me!

Did you do any DIY projects? 
DIY was my middle name throughout my engagement.  I made the bridesmaid invitations that included a wooden initial painted in the wedding colors. I also, designed, printed, and folded the programs, and then glued a gold glitter square and a hand drawn ‘W’ to each program, and stamped the back each one.  I painted wooden trays for the programs. I designed the guest book filled with pictures of Michael and I for the guests to sign.  Last, for our departure, I made paper cones out of scrapbook paper, stamped them, then filled each with biodegradable confetti. I couldn’t not have done it without the help of some wonderful bridesmaids. I enjoyed every bit of it!

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?
My favorite part about planning my wedding was just everything.  While I don’t think I want to ever do that again, I loved planning my wedding.  Now don’t get me wrong, there were a few moments that I wanted to throw my hands up and elope, but I am so glad that I powered through those stressful times because it was all SO worth it.  That being said, I unfollowed every wedding themed pinterest board that I possibly could!

What was the most important thing to you about your wedding?
The most important thing about my wedding was who we celebrated with.  Family is the most important thing to us.  Being able to celebrate the most important day of our live with the most important people to us, is something that we will cherish forever!

What was your first dance song?  
We danced to the, “Book of Love,” by Peter Gabriel.

What was the most important thing to you about your wedding?
The most important thing about my wedding was who we celebrated with.  Family is the most important thing to us.  Being able to celebrate the most important day of our live with the most important people to us, is something that we will cherish forever! 

Have you been planning your wedding since you were a little girl?
I, like most little girls, planned my wedding ever since I was old enough to know what a wedding was.  However, fortunately, my 5 year old little girl wedding plans were nothing like the wedding that I planned.

How did you choose your colors?
I chose the colors navy and gold glitter.  I love how these colors look together.  They are very elegant and regal.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went on a cruise out of New Orleans to Mexico.  It was so much fun! We had an absolute blast.

What are you looking forward to about being Mr. & Mrs.?
What I love the most about being Mr. & Mrs. is that ampersand.  We are one team stuck together forever!

Why did you choose the facility you chose for your wedding and/or reception?
I chose the Church that we got married in because it is the Church that we attend.  Not only that, but Michael went to grade school there and I am now a 5th grade teacher at the same school.  It has become our parish, so there was no doubt in our minds when we were discussing locations to get married in.

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