UT Giving Campaign portraits

This summer I went down to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and spent the day making portraits of different faculty and students. My subjects were just a few of the people to benefit from the Campaign for Tennessee, which raised over a billion dollars for the UT system. The pictures I took, are being used as part of thank you materials going to donors that gave during the campaign.

People were scheduled in 15 minute increments, which included shooting a video interview. Sounds pretty simple? Well, now for the the challenging part of the assignment. I needed to make it look like all of the students and faculty were photographed in the different locations. So I made most of my pictures within 50 yards of our central location. It was a challenge, but things turned out well. Here are just a few of the photos that I liked.

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  • Jonna - Awesome job, as always!!

  • Steven - Thanks, Jonna!

  • Laura Cagle - Thank you, Steven, for helping making us look great! You are a fantastic photographer, and it was great to meet you and work with you, if only for a few minutes!

  • Steven - Thanks for the complements, Laura! I really enjoyed the few minutes we had meeting everyone. Ya’ll were awesome!