Save a memory, print a picture

knoxville photographer

For Throw Back Thursday, I decided to do a blog post from WAY back.

During my senior year of high school, I was the photographer for our school yearbook and the town newspaper. Back then I used a film camera and almost every picture I shot was turned into a print. A while back I found several boxes labeled pictures. There is something special about being able to hold those prints in my hand and reminisce. I could not help but sit down and go through all of these old memories. Many things I had forgotten, other were just as vivid as the day I took them.

In this digital world that we live in today, pictures are everywhere. We are recording history with some type of cameras all the time. Yet, are we preserving it? Most of these images find a home on social media, a hard drive or just stay on a phone but never get printed. In twenty years, I wonder how many of these digital forms that contain our photos will still be around. Pictures on hard drives become cluttered within thousands of other files, especially after being moved between multiple computers over the years. Not to mention the fact, we all know someone, if not ourselves, that lost everything when their hard drive crashed. Then there is social media. Yes, it is great to share quickly with hundreds and thousands of your friends, maybe even millions if it goes viral. Still just as Facebook took over Myspace, other online outlets will be born. Who knows if any of them will still be around in 5 or 10 years much less 20 plus.

My request is to take time to print a handful of 4×6 pictures just once a month. Then put those pictures in an album or box to flip through at a later date. Then maybe 15-20 years down the road you can lose an afternoon reminiscing about the good ole days.

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