Sharing a special moment

Earlier this week I posted Sarah and Michael’s wedding for their one year anniversary. I decided to save part of the questionnaire that Sarah filled out for it’s own special post.

wedding moment of silence

A year has passed since we had that beautiful ceremony. There are so many wonderful memories to be cherished from that day. However, there is one memory that I will hold extremely close to my heart. Four months after our wedding, I received some terrible news that one of my bridesmaids, Dani Turner, had passed away. Dani was a childhood friend, my Godsister, and my Maid of Honor. Looking back on the preparation of my wedding, whenever Dani was with me, her main goal was to make me feel so special. She was so happy for me and Michael, and her joy filled presence completely warmed my heart. I was so thankful for time that I had with Dani growing up and the time that I had with her during my engagement and wedding. They are memories to be forever cherished.

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